Setup cjdns on Raspberry Pi

I checked many, many times, for a tutorial online on how to do this. I couldn’t find one that worked. So, after many trials and even more errors, I wrote down all the steps that worked from different sites, as well as steps where I had to get creative, and compiled them into a single tutorial. The following steps worked for me, and were repeatable.

Step 1:

Download Raspian from  If using VirtualBox, download directly to the VM.

wget -o

Step 2:

Insert SD Card and locate the device

dmessage | grep “mmc” – usual route

If using VirtualBox, make sure VirtualBox is off and run the command prompt as administrator for this tutorial:

Step 3:

It’s easier to format the SD card using an AD formatter.  We used the one here:, using Windows win32formatter.

Step 4:

Just plug it into your router.  On your router admin site, find the raspberrypi in the list of wired devices.  You will need the IP address to ssh into it.

Step 5:

SSH into the device to configure it.  Easy configuration instructions can be found here:

1. ssh pi@<ip_address>  #the default password is raspberry

2. raspi-config

Step 6:

Once you’ve gotten this far, the instructions on the github page of the cjdns source code walk you through installation and setup of cjdns and connecting to friends on the mesh:

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