Agile Code Games

Recently, some of our members did some code katas with TDD. If you haven’t played them before, code katas are intended for practicing coding to become a master (hence the martial arts reference… well, that and nerds will be nerds). There are several handy sites that people submit code kata ideas to that you can use for practicing.

The simple rules of a code kata are that they are done with TDD and in pairs. They can be played as a large group or just two people pairing off. In our case, we started with “evil pairs”, a code kata where the first member writes a failing test for the specifications, then hands it off to the partner to write the code so that the test passes. Then the partner will write a failing test and pass it back. We practiced this in C# and Ruby, but of course, with all of the embedded work the SplatCrashBang team does with embedded projects, we thought we would do them in C++!

Enter sublime text editor and the boost test framework. After a LOT of trial and error getting it setup, we were able to get it working on Mac OS X by updating the build system in sublime text, installing boost, then adding a symbolic link into the project folder.

The following github repository contains both the sublime build system definition and some of the code katas we are trying.